Development of Automated Agricultural Process Monitoring and Control Technology in an Enclosed System

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For proper growth of any plants various physiological and physiochemical factors are responsible like:  soil moisture, atmospheric temperature, humidity, sunlight, pH of soil, nutrient and chemical  balance of soil. Biologically, these parameters are in direct relation with the process of photosynthesis, which effects the total overall growth of the plant.

An Attempt has been made to develop an automated system which can measure different agricultural process parameters (like temperature, soil moisture, sunlight intensity, humidity, chemical contents etc.) and control using PID controller these parameters can be remotely monitored and control. With the help of MATLAB interfaced with NI LABVIEW, virtual designs of the real time processes are simulated.


The requirements for the presentation of this work are as follows:

  • LabVIEW simulation interface toolkit(sit) version 2012,LABView 2012,ni
  • Matlab Simulink version R2007b
  • Sensors used


Simulink Model For Controlling Different Parameters:

MATLAB Simulink is an effective tool for designing a virtual simulation for a real time process and it acts same as the real time process present in the real world. It helps a lot to process control engineers like us to test, map and simulate a real time process in a computer before implementing the control algorithm to a real time process. In this work we are trying to map the real time process  of harvesting a particular crop in virtual world and will try to control different physiological and physiochemical factors that are having direct impact on the growth of a particular crop.

Configuring the Simulink Model:

To create a user interface in LabVIEW for Simulink model, we first must have a Simulink model. Before using the Simulation interface Toolkit, we must have MathLab works 6.0 or later here we are using MathLab 7.0, MathLab Simulink 4.0 or later and National Instruments 7.0 or later with Simulation  Interface.

Creating a LABVIEW User Interface:

To interact with the simulink model using LABVIEW user interface, we need to create the user interface in LABVIEW. We need control for manipulating different parameters in the simulink model  and indicators to display the response process (land and crops) and different parameters such as  temperature, moisture, humidity, water level etc.

VI of Complete System

VI of Complete System.


In a PID control algorithm in order to have the desire output response of the overall system, tuning of different control parameter is to be done in specific way, which is given by different control  analyst and engineers such as Ziegler Nichols, Cohen coon and Pessen. If the tuning of the controller is not done properly depending upon plants or process model (here in our case it is different types of crops which is being cultivated) the quality of the process output will be highly affected.

In  this work we have taken some reading from our simulation which is the exact replica of a real time process  of particular crop cultivation. Here we are trying to tuning our PID controller so that we can get zero steady state error, relatively less settling time and overshoot in the output response of the process.

PI Controlled Output Response.

PI Controlled Output Response.


Our interest in agricultural automation lies from the fact that we belong from a country that is heavily dependent on agricultural outcome and revenues. Being a part of such agriculture depended  society we have always tried to renovate agricultural systems and processing. Our recent government  has also shown keen interest to formulate new legislative rules to help the farmers even at the grass root level.

By simulating the real time agricultural parameters into a useful and highly efficient and accurate application based software we have tried to manipulate and control the ever changing weather condition, physical aspects and physio-chemical parameters on which the agricultural society is  highly dependent on as far possible, we intend to create its hardware counterpart and apply it on the real time process as per the given model and parameters (user define).

We have already evaluated and checked its working aspect using the VI in and have obtained satisfactory results for the same. We should not forget the vitality and need of agriculture and plants for this world.

Source:  Narula Institute of Technology
Author: Bansari Deb Majumder | Arijita Das | Dibyendu Sur | Susmita Das | Avishek Brahma | Chandan Dutta

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