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In this project we are going to control the wallpapers with our hands motion. This is done with help of MATLAB tool by using some algorithms. The aim of this project is to let the experiment with control the wallpapers with our hands motion in MATLAB. To complete the task, a number of functions have to be combined.


MATLAB = Matrix Laboratory
“MATLAB is a high-level language and interactive environment that enables you to perform  computationally intensive tasks faster than with traditional programming languages such as C, C++ and Fortran.” MATLAB is an interactive, interpreted language that is designed for fast numerical matrix calculations.


Flow Diagram :


C. CASE 3.
Title: On motion (right to left)
Input: Hand detected
Output: Previous image
Result: Test Succeeded


In this project, we have greatly experienced the use of MATLAB. We now understand a scenario, how to use different inbuilt Library functions for a model. My project deal with Motion detection through webcam. I have simulated many different scenarios of Digital Image Processing.

In this project we deal with Webcam adapter to access live image frames and it Works on value of change in Image. If we  have inconsistent background then this project will give false result. So we should always keep the background consistent while working on this project. We can use this technology in Home appliances and Controlling home appliances with this technology will revolutionize our way of living.

Author: Arshdeep Singh

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