Linking Advanced Visualization and MATLAB for the Analysis of 3D Gene Expression Data


Three-dimensional gene expression PointCloud data genera ted by the Berkeley Drosophila Transcription Network Project (BDTNP) provides quantitative information about the spatial and temporal expression of genes in early Drosophila embryos at Continue reading

An Accelerator Control Middle Layer Using MATLAB


Matlab is an interpretive programming language originally developed for convenient use with the LINPACK and EISPACK libraries. Matlab is appealing for accelerator physics because it is matrix-oriented, provides an active workspace for system variables Continue reading

LiUMIMO: A MIMO Testbed for Broadband Software Defined Radio


In order to keep up with the increasing demand on speed and reliability in modern wireless systems, new standards have to be introduced. By using Multiple Input Multiple Output technology (MIMO) and Continue reading

An Event Reporting and Early-Warning Safety System based on the Internet of Things for Underground Coal Mines: A Case Study


Fatal accidents associated with underground coal mines require the implementation of high-level gas monitoring and miner’s localization approaches to promote underground safety and health. This study introduces a real-time monitoring, event-reporting and Continue reading

Cell Selection Game for Densely-Deployed Sensor and Mobile Devices In 5G Networks Integrating Heterogeneous Cells and the Internet of Things


With the rapid development of wireless networking technologies, the Internet of Things and heterogeneous cellular networks (HCNs) tend to be integrated to form a promising wireless network paradigm for 5G. Hyper-dense sensor and mobile Continue reading

Rapidly Deployable Internet-of-Things Body Area Network Platform for Medical Devices


Biomedical devices in the past provided limited capability for the data acquisition and presented the data in the form of user interface for a care provider to observe. Now, what is required for biomedical devices has fundamentally changed. Continue reading

Digital Control Board for Phased Array Antenna Beam Steering in Adaptive Communication Applications


The application of adaptive communication techniques for mobile communications has attracted considerable interest in the last decade. One example of these techniques is spatial filtering through planar antenna array beam forming. This thesis describes Continue reading

MATLAB/Simulink Implementation and Analysis of Three Pulse-Width-Modulation (PWM) Techniques


With advances in solid-state power electronic devices and microprocessors, various pulse-width-modulation (PWM) techniques have been developed for industrial applications. For example, PWM-based three-phase voltage source inverters (VSI) Continue reading

An Overview of Binary Arithmetic Architectures & Their Implementation in DSP Systems


Many branches of the electrical engineering industry involve applications that use digital signal processing. Almost any type of signal that comes in analog form, such as sound, video, and radio or microwaves, must use digital signal processing for Continue reading