Multi-objective optimization for battery electric vehicle power train topologies


Electric vehicles are becoming more popular in the market. To be competitive, manufacturers need to produce vehicles with a low energy consumption, a good range and an acceptable driving performance. These are dependent on the Continue reading

Perceived intensity of somatosensory cortical electrical stimulation


Artificial sensations can be produced by direct brain stimulation of sensory areas through implanted microelectrodes, but the perceptual psychophysics of such artificial sensations are not well understood. Based on prior work in cortical stimulation, we Continue reading

Improving Energy Efficiency in CNC Machining


Although still electrically-powered and operating on the same basic principles, modern CNC milling machines are significantly different from older milling machines. [Kordonowy 2002] studied several generations of milling machines in order to compare their Continue reading

Fast Change Point Detection for Electricity Market Analysis


Electricity is a vital part of our daily life; therefore it is important to avoid irregularities such as the California Electricity Crisis of 2000 and 2001. In this work, we seek to predict anomalies using advanced machine learning algorithms. These algorithms are Continue reading

Mining Requirements from Closed-Loop Control Models


Formal verification of a control system can be performed by checking if a model of its dynamical behavior conforms to temporal requirements. Unfortunately, adoption of formal verification in an industrial setting is a formidable challenge as design Continue reading

A pattern recognition method for electronic noses based on an olfactory neural network


Artificial neural networks (ANNs) are generally considered as the most promising pattern recognition method to process the signals from a chemical sensor array of electronic noses, which makes the system more bionics. This paper presents a chaotic Continue reading

Conversion of Artificial Recurrent Neural Networks to Spiking Neural Networks for Low-power Neuromorphic Hardware


In recent years the field of neuromorphic low-power systems gained significant momentum, spurring brain-inspired hardware systems which operate on principles that are fundamentally different from standard digital computers and thereby Continue reading

Incorporating geographical factors with artificial neural networks to predict reference values of erythrocyte sedimentation rate



The measurement of the Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) value is a standard procedure performed during a typical blood test. In order to formulate a unified standard of establishing reference ESR values, this paper presents a novel Continue reading

An affordable, open-source, microscale conductivity and temperature probe for density measurements in stratified flows


In stratified flows, conductivity (combined with temperature) is often used to measure density. The conductivity probes typically used can resolve very fine spatial scales, but can be fragile, expensive to replace, and sensitive to environmental noise. Continue reading

Modeling the Human Knee using Tensegrity


This thesis presents a preliminary investigation of using the principles of tensegrity to model the interactions that make up the human knee. The main theory behind tensegrity is to suspend compressionable members in a network for tensile members. Continue reading