Design, Characterization and Application of a Multiple Input Stethoscope Apparatus


For this project, the design, implementation, characterization, calibration and possible applications of a multiple transducer stethoscope apparatus were investigated. The multi-transducer sensor array design consists of five standard stethoscope Continue reading

Monophonic Pitch Recognition

The purpose of this project is to create a system that automatically converts monophonic music into its MIDI equivalent. Automatic pitch recognition allows for numerous commercial applications, including automatic transcription and digital storage Continue reading

An Overview of Binary Arithmetic Architectures & Their Implementation in DSP Systems


Many branches of the electrical engineering industry involve applications that use digital signal processing. Almost any type of signal that comes in analog form, such as sound, video, and radio or microwaves, must use digital signal processing for Continue reading

Scaled Synthetic Aperture Radar System Development


Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) systems generate two dimensional images of a target area using RF energy as opposed to light waves used by cameras. When cloud cover or other optical obstructions prevent camera imaging over a target area, SAR Continue reading

A Model for Anomalies Detection in Internet of Things (Iot) using Inverse Weight Clustering and Decision Tree


Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the fast growing technologies today. It is a technology by which billions of smart objects or devices known as “Things” can use several types of sensors to collect various types of data about themselves and/or the Continue reading

Development of Electronics, Software, and Graphical User Control Interface for a Wall-climbing Robot


The objective for this project is to investigate various electrical and software means of control to support and advance the development of a novel vacuum adhesion system for a wall-climbing robot. The design and implementation of custom electronics and a Continue reading

Subwoofer Frequency Response Optimization by Means of Active Control


Most subwoofer systems have difficulties producing frequencies in the low end of the hearing spectrum due to the added power requirements and instabilities. Active controls can transform the audio signal without changing physical characteristics and Continue reading

Gabor Filter Design for Fingerprint Application Using Matlab and Verilog HDL


This paper demonstrates the application of Gabor Filter technique to enhance the fingerprint image. This work produces change in Gabor filter design by increasing the quality of an output which  helps in higher security applications. The incoming signal Continue reading